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DIY Garden Uses For Old, Broken Brick

You've had a professional come in to repair some old, broken bricks. Usually, the broken bricks are removed and replaced with intact, new bricks. You're left with a bunch of broken bricks. You could send them to a plant for recycling, or you could recycle them yourself by using them for garden decorations. Here are some of the best ways to upcycle broken brick in your garden:


Pathways are one of the go-to uses for old bricks. It doesn't matter if you only have broken brick with pieces missing or chopped into large chunks. You can still use them to make beautiful pathways throughout your garden. Dig out your pathway and only dig into the ground as thick as the brick so that the brick shows and isn't buried. Fill in the hole with the bricks. Place broken sides face down, if you want, or just fill it in with pieces sticking up a little bit for a rougher pathway. Finish the pathway with concrete filler and then rinse the top with a water sprayer once dry.

Pot Drainage

If your broken bricks are just small chunks that you can't use for pathways, you can instead use them in your flower and plant pots for extra drainage. Fill up the bottom of the pot with the small chunks of brick. The water will drain out of the bottom of the pot easier than if you just used dirt, which absorbs and stores the water. Using bricks for drainage also means you use less dirt in the pot, which can be a waste.

Brick Mosaics

Small chunks of brick can also be used to make mosaic tables for your garden. Use the brick pieces the same way you would use broken china, glass, or pretty stones in mosaics. Place the clean bits of brick on the top of a table in a nice pattern. Fill in the gaps with grout and scrape it smooth. Let the grout dry and you have a pretty brick table. You can incorporate colorful rocks or china to add some color to the mosaic if you don't want just plain red or brown brick.

Decorative Gravel

Gravel is often used for pathways in gardens or for edging. Decorative gravel is gravel that also looks extra pretty. You can find decorative rock gravel and even colored sand. Another high-end decorative gravel is brick. Pieces of brick with soft edges spread over the garden area is a unique decorative gravel and often more expensive than traditional gravel. Save money and make your own decorative gravel with the broken bricks you already have. Chop them up into smaller chunks, if necessary. Sand down sharp edges with sand paper. It might time consuming, but it's better than paying.

These uses for broken bricks will make your garden beautiful, help the environment through recycling, and make use of those unwanted brick pieces. For more information about how to re-use brick, contact a company like Restoration by Projects Restoration.